Why Youth Ministry?
  • To Make Disciples.  A Biblical youth and family ministry produces disciples of Christ, not just youth group members. Making disciples was the goal of Christ. It was the goal of the  early disciples. It is the goal of the church today. It is the goal of our youth ministry at Ashville Road. (Matthew 28:19 – 20)
  • Among the Youth. In the parable of the sower of Matthew 13, a certain man scatters seed on different types of soil. In the parable, the seeds dropped represent the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the soil represents the different hearers of the Word. In our youth and family ministry, we focus on taking the seed (the Gospel) to the soil (the youth of our congregation and community). We can see from Galatians 2:1 – 10 that focusing on different demographics of people in ministry is certainly Biblical! Paul & Barnabas were entrusted with taking the Gospel to the Gentiles (non-Jewish), while Peter, James, and John were given the responsibility to spread the Gospel among the Jews. Though they specialized in helping different groups of people, they were still all part of the same body- the body of Christ.
  • How we Help our Youth Grow. You’ll find a lot more than just programs, retreats, and pizza here! We try to help our youth become followers of Christ and to grow as disciples of Christ through teaching (Matt. 28:19 – 20), reinforcement (1 Tim. 4:12), and encouragement (Eccl. 4:9 – 12). In everything that we do, we try to help our youth grow into fruitful disciples of Christ, not into youth group members.
Our Groups

With two different age groups, there is a place for everyone in the youth ministry program at Ashville Road.

ARCOC-ARK-LogoARK (Ashville Road Kids) is for children up to the fifth grade.

ARCOC-YM-LogoARYM (Ashville Road Youth Ministry) is our teen group. It is for 6th grade and up.