The World Is Getting Older

The world is getting older. In 1900 only 4 percent of the American population was sixty-five or older.  Today that figure has risen to 13 percent. Today there are about 455,000 people in the world who are 100 years old or older. Now more than ever, we are in need of some guidance for our… [Read More]

Kidding Yourself

It is human nature to soothe ourselves by acting like everything’s okay. This is the strategy of the doctor who says, “Now this won’t hurt a bit.”  Or the dentist who says, “You going to feel a little pinch.”  The doctor knows his words are false, but he’s hoping they will have a soothing effect… [Read More]

The Regular Routine

Basically all people age 8-18 are in a bad mood this week.  Why?  School is officially back in session.  We’re halfway through August already and many families are settling back down into the regular routine of the school year.  You know the routine — the nice, quiet, calm rushing from school to work, from this… [Read More]

Little Deaths

Carl Sandburg warned us, “Keep away from little deaths.”  It sounds like good advice, but still we die a little every hour in our compromises, selfishness, anxiety, fear, wasted energies, and sin. The great catastrophes in life do not get us.  In fact, major setbacks can actually lead to self-improvement.  The tiny defeats, the minor… [Read More]

Words Mean Things

David’s face-off with Goliath the giant in the Valley of Elah wasn’t the first battle he fought that day.  Before he won the war fought with stones and swords, he won a war of words. The battle is recorded in 1 Samuel 17:24-26. All the men of Israel, when they saw [Goliath], fled from him… [Read More]

The War Is Over

News traveled slowly in the old days.  Most of the time this was just inconvenient, but sometimes it was tragic. This was the case at the conclusion of the War of 1812.  Two weeks after the Treaty of Ghent was signed, officially bringing the war to an end, British forces under Edward Pakenham assaulted New… [Read More]

After the Sermon

I heard somewhere about a church service in which the preacher preached a powerful sermon, and afterwards one of the elders got up and prayed, “The preacher has lit many a spark in our hearts; Lord, help us water them.”  I don’t think he meant for it to come out like that! Still, that prayer… [Read More]

Measured Back to You

Leroy Brownlow tells the story of a baker in a little country town who made amazing pastries.  Every Monday morning the baker would purchase his butter from a nearby farmer in one pound bricks.  One morning the baker returned to his shop with his bricks of butter and suspected that his bricks were not actually… [Read More]

The Secret to a Good Night’s Sleep

A story from the World War II era tells about a serviceman in the South Pacific who was needled by a duck. Night after night, he had trouble sleeping because the duck would constantly quack underneath his window. Finally the man had enough.  He taped the duck’s bill together and drove it to the other… [Read More]

The Slow Realization of Faith

There are two types of faith that fail to sustain us as we try to walk with God. Blind faith.  This is immediate acceptance of Christ without any skepticism or critical thinking.  Blind faith is like jumping aboard a passenger ship without knowing the captain or the destination. Jesus warned followers against following him because… [Read More]