The Other Days

Today is Sunday.  You are at church; otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this bulletin.  You decided to put the Lord first today.  This is his day!  You will spend some time in his Word.  You will sing and pray.  You will observe the Lord’s Supper and meditate on Jesus’ death.  You will enjoy fellowship with your brothers and sisters in Christ.  You might even put some money in the collection plate.

What about tomorrow?  Where will the Lord fall on your priority list once the weekdays begin?  Will you have time for him?  Will you pray?  Will you study his Word?  Will you even think about him until next Sunday?

The early Christians praised God and encouraged one another every day, not because it was required but because they were “devoted” to the Lord and his way (Acts 2:42-47).  They didn’t schedule their faith to be lived out one day a week.  Their faith consumed them.  What about you?  You have given Jesus Sunday.  What will you do with the other days?

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